Announcing Greane’s debut album “Nouveau”

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website.  For the next few months I’ll be at “The Mixing House Studios,” to finish up “Nouveau.”  I’m working with sound engineer Jesse Coutu and co-producer Magdalen Hsu-Li.  Check for pictures, videos and updates where you’ll find “Charlottesville”, “Goodbye” and “Beneath These Cracks” and other videos live as well as the demo version of “Angel,” just posted on the music page.  Here’s some information about the new album. I’m excited to share this music with you. Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye open for new videos from “The Mixing House Studios.”  For music updates and upcoming shows visit my contact page to join my email list, enjoy!


Announcing Greane’s debut album “Nouveau”…

Nouveau” is a contemporary folk album exploring the boundaries of hope, identity, acceptance, compassion and honesty. “I envision a world where people can show their true colors without dividing lines between races and cultures, where they can live in hope while experiencing fairness and equality in class, color, and gender. I believe we can get there one person at a time by realizing our commonalities as people, hearing each others personal stories, and practicing listening and empathizing on a daily basis.

“Each track has a different personality and purpose,” says Greane about Nouveau’s lineup of songs. Songs like “Flower” portray the pathos of coming of age in the modern world, the bittersweet loss of childhood innocence in the reality of growing up, and the wisdom and riches that are gained thereby.

“Charlottesville” instigates taking a chance with no sure bet because life is too short and you only live once.  The piece conveys living with no regrets, a conscious choice at letting your heart take the lead and to believe in the rewards of the unexpected where everything happens for a reason.

“Gone Astray”, inspired by a tragic shooting in a Seattle café, is a “life preserver” for those who feel lost at sea in a world often senseless and confusing in its everyday violence.  Ironically upbeat, this song praises the value of the little gifts in life we forget everyday.

“On Your Own” & “Angelare songs that celebrate individuality, identity, and the idea that every single human being has a special gift and unlimited potential to unlock and forge their destiny by utilizing that gift.

Greane will be on tour this Winter/Spring/Summer 2016/17.  Check the tour schedule for upcoming tour dates. In addition to performances at clubs, coffeehouses, festivals, performing arts centers, churches, galleries, and house concerts, he currently offers a performance/storytelling/lecture program for colleges and universities entitled  True Colours – Exploring Identity Concert and Storytelling”

For college, club, coffeehouse, festival, and all other booking inquiries email or call (401) 954-0016.