Welcome!  As the eve of Autumn slowly approaches with it’s soft breezes and apple daydreams hoping you had a wonderful summer season!  I’m honored to share with you my newest record “Amour” which will be released this Autumn 2018.  



 Amour autumn 18

“Inspired by life, love, and our unique selves, album release Autumn 2018!”


Everywhere Live @ The Mixing House Studios, Milton, MA (full length on video page) ” To all that was lost, lives on in the hearts who’ve loved.”


“Somewhere beneath the cold sleeping earth of winter a seed stretches its roots toward the surface of tomorrow.”




Love is like a rose.  It takes you by surprise, you even loose yourself in its beauty and right when you’re almost in a dream, a thorn bites your finger and wakes you up!


Our lives are like trees, ravenously sprouting out of mother soil bright and green toward the sun until a boot heel finds footing upon a branch now shaded by walls that were never there twisting, turning branches in a desperate attempt to reach the sky.  Obstacle after obstacle, tear after tear, moment after moment our tree aims for the sun, it is life that shapes the direction our branches grow.



I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have the opportunity to share my art with you all, sending you all love, light and warm wishes, much love!

For all booking inquiries email greanemusic@gmail.com