Lonesome highway, where does it go?  Why it calls me, I’ll never know?”  Greane’s lyric from On Your Own sets the scene upon the unexpected journey of life we walk.  “Some lessons in life quickly fit our puzzle,” states Greane, “ while others, long gone, almost forgotten, in a single moment finds its place to light our way.  It is no surprise that every moment in life has a rhyme to its reason if we continue to believe.” 

 It is that belief of purpose that carried Greane through an early and unexpected entry into this world spending years to overcome childhood illness.  A native born New-England indie folk singer-songwriter, poet & spiritual seeker, Greane spend most of his early childhood revering Mozart and Chopin, donning colonial clothes and wigs, aiming to write music before he could even write words.  Like many young men of his generation, Greane grew up mostly fatherless.  “You strive to give your child what you never had, it was only after becoming a father had all the puzzle pieces of the past made sense!”  Raised primarily by his mother, he was surrounded by strong feminist women including his grandmother who is a painter and 1940’s “Rosie the Riveter,” working in northeast shipyards during the war.  Though his upbringing was staunchly working class, music and art became his solace, an escape from the harsh realities of his parent’s bitter divorce.  He didn’t understand he was an artist until, as a college student, lost in a haze of conventional American male existence, he experienced a quarter-life crisis, leaving school in a desperate search to redefine his identity.  “The mask I wore,” states Greane, “became a burden, honestly because it never fit right and never would.”  He grew his hair long, lived as an ascetic, writing poetry and contemporary songs for the first time in his life.  Discovering his own creativity allowed him to finally meet and express his true self.  “As a kid I’ll never forget the day a classmate leaned over to me and said, you’re weird.  I immediately thanked her!  After all a world with all the same faces would be dull and boring, what your authentic self brings to the table is a priceless gift.”  For the first time that authentic self also began to endure hateful words about his appearance and identity.  “I held true to my heart searching to find compassion, exploring the boundaries of hope, identity, acceptance, compassion and honesty, I envision a world where people can show their true colors without dividing lines between races and cultures, where they can live in hope while experiencing fairness and equality in class, color and gender.”  

Finding his way back to his schooling Greane graduated with honor from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2008 with a degree in songwriting finishing his first album, Nouveau in 2017 after years of traveling the country and heading west.  The album features acclaimed singer-songwriter Magdalen Hsu-Li on Hammond organ and piano who he has shared the stage with at countless venues such as the The Multicultural Theater Space in Kitchener Ontario, Boston College, Hampshire College, University of Massachusetts Lowell, McCormick Place in Chicago, Il, All Asia Café in Cambridge, Ma, and Unity College to name a few.  “Nouveau” also features Seattle drummer Eric Eagle (Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Wayne Horvitz), bassist Paul Kemmish (Rockin Teenage Combo), violist & violinist Eyvind Kang (The Decembrists, John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Laura Viers) and was recorded by Mell Dettmer of Soli Studios (The Cave Singers) and Jesse Coutu of The Mixing House Studios (Berklee alumni 2008). In addition to touring with Magdalen Hsu-Li, Greane has also performed with New York City drummer Scott Morehouse, Joey Lott, and Berklee Alums Justin Oliver, Carrie Jahde at numerous Campus Activities Board, Women’s Studies, Women’s Center, Multicultural Affairs, Orientation, and Welcome Week college events as well as at various clubs, festivals, coffeehouses, markets and art galleries.

Originating inspiration from what Greane calls a heart-centered approach and fueled by a loving compassion his music expresses emotion, carving a place in society for sensitivity, compassion, understanding and humanitarian ideals.  

Greane will be on tour this year.  Check the tour schedule for upcoming tour dates.  In addition to performing at clubs, coffeehouses, festivals, performing arts centers, churches, galleries and house concerts, he currently offers a performance/ storytelling program entitled, “True Colours –  Concert and Storytelling”



An interactive live musical performance featuring Greane on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals with interspersed storytelling/dialogue between songs.  Focusing on both original material and a contemporary take on traditional Americana, Celtic & Folk music.

An interactive live musical performance featuring Greane on acoustic guitar and
vocals with interspersed storytelling/dialogue between songs.
Topics include: Personal history and background of the performer / Exploring your true colors and finding your authentic self / Compassion as a form of activism / The equality of hope.
For all booking inquiries email or call 401-954-0016.