My story is a story of healing and returning to the heart upon the path of love. How I found faith, love, heart, and purpose from a spiritual connection when I was lost, down and out.  With every step each experience in my life has shaped who I am today.  My “walking’ has inspired me to share, inspire, and motivate others through my music the beauty of life’s up’s and down’s finding purpose, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, love, and growth with every moment always reminding us as I’ve been reminded there is always something deeper going on, to keep going, and celebrate God’s plan and love for each and everyone of us. 

Born in New England I was born early and struggled for many years in and out of hospitals until I gained enough strength to finally stay home. Deep down that experience helped me to find the joy of living and the gratitude for each and every day of life and what a gift it is. My parents split when I was almost ten and that changed everything. When my father left, life I had known and understood took a huge shift eventually leading to a personal breakdown a decade later. Funny how you can ignore and even hide the pain in your heart for only so long. I had worked so hard as a teen to be everything to everyone until I didn’t even know who I was anymore and had lost my way. Lost in a conventional world of substances and fraternities I returned to my parents home and sequestered myself in the backyard shack. After healing from a bout of depression I began to discover who I was beginning to write songs, draw, and dive into genres of music I had never known before. Also my spiritual journey had just begun as I started to take time to stay in my heart and look deeper into things. Still lost about where to go I remember I was playing a Crosby, Stills, Nash piece on the guitar for my mother who said, “have you ever thought of going to music school?” Playing an instrument and music had always been in my life since I can remember, it made sense, I took a chance, and got accepted and eventually graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2008 with a BA in Songwriting. Amazing how God’s plan had led me to all the right places at times without me even realizing what was happening. Soon after I quickly moved to the west coast. In 2017 I released my first EP, “Nouveau,” recorded in Soli Studio’s in West Seattle, WA. It was so much fun and super challenging as the recording process was such a rollercoaster! Especially singing, which was new to me at the time and required an enormous amount of work. Right before then my son was born and the healing had begun between the absent father relationship I had experienced. To this day me and my son have a wonderful bond and I’m truly grateful to God for that as my father still continues to push away I still have love for him and forgive him. Forgiveness is a wonderful gift and takes more strength than to hold on to resentment. It sets your heart free to grow in the places you’re looking to grow and to live in the light. Hard times settled upon me during these years, moving back east, as I battled addiction, income troubles that included standing in government handout lines, and dead end jobs. In the Spring of 2019 ”Amour,” was released. A rootsy, organic, heart-felt album “Amour,” aims to engender the lives we live each and everyday. After life had seemed to get so hard I ran into my spiritual path of Sufism that forever changed my life. I became truly sober, found forgiveness, love, and a purpose. What was once so heavy lifted and for the first time I began to see a connection between every event that had happened to lead me here today. Trust my friends that wherever you are at in your walking that there is a good reason for it, let go, and trust. I have learned so much from the good times and the bad times, there are gifts in each, just keep your heart open and continue to be kind and loving.

I’m hoping within the next year of releasing a new untitled album, one authentic to my/ our journey that so many can relate to, eyeing the release of a single titled, “I’ll Pray,” early Spring 24′. The inspiration is brewing from pieces about following your heart without regret, speaking your truth, finding courage, picking up the pieces of your broken self to move on, heal, forgive, and be free, too celebrating life, love, and God’s love for each and everyone of us! I’m truly looking forward to sharing this with you.

My love, care, and support to you on your journey where we have been given a gift to give our beauty to others for the better and make this life the beauty we see in our hearts. Follow the voices that uplift and engender, forgive, open your heart, and be the beauty you are inside. Truly grateful, in peace and blessings!