” You Matter,” is the credo of native born New-England indie folk singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dreamer, humanist and optimist Arian Greane, who believes that every being is special and we should celebrate our uniqueness.  An intimate acoustic performer his music and lyrics express inspiration from the heart, “a place without words,” transporting the listener into a world of love, belonging, hope, dreams and everyday moments often overlooked where people can show their “true colors” stepping outside of social confines without dividing lines between gender, race and socio economic boundaries and live in hope sharing our commonalities as people.  His journey has led him throughout towns and cities in the United States, welfare lines, depression, fatherhood, abandonment, hope and what it means to believe.  

Graduating with honor from Berklee College of Music in 2008 with a degree in songwriting Greane’s  first EP, “Nouveau was released in 2017 while this Spring 2019 Greane’s debut album”Amour,”  was released.  Recorded by Mell Dettmer of Soli Studios the album features Seattle bassist Austin Quist and drummer Steve Kamke (The Bad Things) accompanied by mandolinist Ken Carlson and cellist Lori Goldston.  A rootsy, organic, heart-felt album “Amour, aims to engender the lives we live each and everyday.

Greane has shared the stage with players and performers such as acclaimed singer-songwriter Magdalen Hsu-Li, New York City drummer Scott Morehouse and Seattle drummer Eric Eagle. A nationally touring music artist Greane has played at, The Multicultural Theater Space, in Kitchener ON and numerous Colleges, Festivals, Fairs and Coffeehouses.

Greane will be on tour this year.  Check out www.greane.com for upcoming tour dates.  In addition to performing at clubs, coffeehouses, festivals, performing arts centers, churches, galleries and house concerts, he currently offers a college performance/ storytelling program entitled, “You Matter –  Concert and Storytelling”

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 Belong (Amour)

Disguise (Amour)

Arian Greane Sampler



Past Venues Include:
Unity College, Unity, ME
RISD, Providence, RI
Salem Arts Festival, Salem, MA
Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
Fox Valley Unitarian Church, Appleton, WI
Victoria Station Cafe, Putnam, CT
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, MA
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
University of Maine, Orono, ME
Beloit College, Beloit, WI
Check out www.greane.com/shows/



An intimate acoustic performance with interspersed storytelling/ dialogue expressing inspiration from the heart, “a place without words,” transporting the listener into a world of love, belonging, hope, dreams and everyday moments often overlooked.
“In an ever changing world how can we keep our center and stay connected to our hearts while allowing our authentic self to shine?” 
An interactive live musical performance featuring Greane on acoustic guitar and
vocals with interspersed storytelling/dialogue between songs.
Topics include: Personal history and background of the performer / self worth / The interconnectedness of what we experience / Exploring and finding your authentic self / Compassion as a form of activism / The equality of hope. 


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